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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Softcore Webcams

The webcam industry is typically a more amateur and hardcore enterprise. You rarely find softcore and more art type models showing off their bodies on webcam. Girls that could easily grace the pages of playboy or the digital covers of met-art are not the typical norm for cam sites. There is however a desire to see these women live and not just on the glossy pages they are known for. A friend of mine wrote a review of a few cam sites that cater to this type of women. Go here to read it and see how you can find the hottest softcore models live and on cam!


Friday, March 13, 2009

Sunny Leone Is Back and HARDCORE!!

From DAY ONE of our sight we have been completely in love with Ms. Sunny Leone. She was even so kind as to do a nice promo video for us which you will find linked from our right sidebar near the top of this page. Well alot has changed since Ms. Leone first debuted on our site, it seems now that she has stepped into the realm of hardcore porn and we finally get to see what it looks like for that beautiful pussy to get penetrated! Wanna see how well Sunny can take a cock? We knew you did.. Below you will find a few of her newest hardcore galleries in addition to the ones linked above (click the pics) enjoy TnT Pussy fans as we take pride in once again showing off our most explosively hot babe!

Sunny Leone has Sex In The Shower

Sunny Leone Sucks Cock

Sunny Leone Gets A Pearl Necklace

Want more? Well then pay her newly designed site a visit for ALL the hardcore action. You won't be disappointed we promise you!


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Met-Art is our friend..


The good folks over at Met-Art have this wonderful ability to take my flaccid penis and bring it to full vein busting erection in mere seconds. This is a power that my girlfriend doesn't even wield and she actually puts her mouth on it when I ask... Screw the Viagra, Screw the Pump, Got ED problems? Get Met-Art, I promise.. It works.. EVERYTIME!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Myspace For Adults -

So I was looking through myspace the other day at all the hot single girls living in my area and I was thinking... how appropriate would it be to just send one of them a sport fuck invitation. I mean, I know there they are, slutting it up, talking in innuendo, posting half naked pics... etc. etc. Doing what young whores do. But I bet money you send one of these girls a "can I buy you breakfast, I'll come over tonight at midnight and we'll discuss it" and you'd prolly end up on Dateline NBC having a seat over there. Because you never know if the girls on there are really truly 18. If only there was a place like myspace for Adults I thought, so I went on the prowl. The search for easy young whores who wont land me in jail began and I found myself here.


And my dick has been happy ever since. I hooked up with a girl from Buford, Ga on the first night. A cute little brunette that said she liked to be titty fucked. She had nice D's and my cock fit good and tight between them. The next night she and I had a go at it in the parking lot at mall of georgia, man could she suck cock like a champion. It's amazing how the cute horny 18 year old girls these days will just let you do what you want to them, sportfucking... get in on the fun today. Here are a few profile pics to help sway your decision.. these are real women looking for real cock.. WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU WAITING ON!??



Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Met Art Beauties - More Female Fire from the best!

Met-Art never fails to amaze me with their wonderfully erotic women, amazing photography, and beautiful sets and backdrops. They are the classiest erotic site on the internet hands down! often imitated, never matched. Two thumbs up to met art and their beauties. Thank you for making our day a little brighter girls! :-)


Glory Hole Girls

I am so excited about this site I just had to share it with all my loyal blog readers. No matter which blog you favor I had to make sure everyone got a look at the new site from TCG called "Mr. Happy's Glory Hole". I've never been a huge fan of glory hole sites because most were poorly done, the girls were skanky, etc.. etc.. But this time someone finally got it right. Hot women, great sets, truly hot glory hole action. Be sure and check it out.


Friday, October 24, 2008

HUSTLER v. PLAYBOY - Flynt / Hefner 08'



Well according to the stock market it looks as is Hefner's grip on the adult magazine industry may be slipping. Larry Flynt however seems to have gotten the formula right. People are tired of the same old glamour puss softcore smut Hugh Hefner has been pumping out for decades now and Flynt isn't afraid to show a little pink and a little brown stink and that my friends is where the market is. Sure college girls under soft light in fancy studio scenes airbrushed to the moon and back are great and all but give me an 18 year old eating her first ball load from her friends pussy any day of the week. I bet you out there in Web land agree with me. However in the interest of fairness I'll let you decide, who will win the war of the porn titans? At this point it may be anybody's game and honestly in a battle like this, is there ever really a loser?

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Lolly Lolly Let me see ya rock that body

Fetish by Anna's Lolly Badcock does not live up to her name... Nothing about this girl makes my cock feel bad. Although I wish she would lick it like a lolly, that might be rather nice! Loving the purple latex, would love it better if it were on the floor.